With many process stages and jobs relying on deliveries spread across multiple sites, the Glass Factory® supports the Construction industry with real-time order tracking and a digital thread from quoting to invoicing

See what we can do for the Construction Industry

We are proud to support the Construction Industry with our intuitive, accessible mobile ERP solution ÔÇô fully customisable for your business needs. Project status and performance can be tracked end-to-end, through real-time insights and delivery status updates. As well as this, you can access all of your important documents and drawings from site, with mobile and web access. 

Our innovative carbon emissions calculator enables monitoring and management of sustainability improvements throughout the project. 

Achieve your net zero goals

Digitising your processes means saving time and cost, and becoming more efficient and sustainable. Our next gen ERP enables Industry 4.0 adoption, providing you with real-time insights and a move to the paperless shop floor.

Working towards net zero involves focusing on your end-to-end processes as well as monitoring the impact of your supply chain. The Glass Factory® provides real-time tracking of your activities as part of your sustainability toolkit to control and reduce your carbon footprint.

Achieving Net Zero
For the Customer
a self-serve app, with real time order transparency and a unique order drilldown feature. Customers can track their orders, no matter what stage or supplier its with. In addition, Non-Conformance and Compliments logging provides necessary real time feedback to the supply chain. Customers can expect a high quality service and time saved on expediting orders.
For the Supplier
real time workflow tracking throughout the supply chain to provide WIP transparency. Glass Factory® covers operator & job timings, defect and incident logging and a standardised system for Non Conformance resolution. Let's not forget that suppliers are also customers, which is why GF provides a unique sub contractor drilldown feature.
Glass Factory® Unique Features
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The first step is to book a demo┬áwhere we go into more depth about the Glass Factory┬« App’s features and usability. Once you are happy and ready to go, we set you up and your transparency journey begins…

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