How to set up your Glass Factory® subscription

A new manufacturer in the Glass Factory® is set up with a ‘trial period’ for their first site, usually 30 days from onboarding to allow initial setup and data migration. Once this period is up, a manufacturer will create a subscription within the Glass Factory®, managed by Stripe which allows for automated renewals, billed either annually or monthly dependant upon preference.

Step 1 – Payment Details #

Before subscription setup, a payment method must be added against your company. Don’t worry, we don’t store your payment details ourselves, all sensitive data is saved by Stripe, one of the largest payment providers in the world (click here to find out more). To add a payment method, navigate to Settings then Payments, and click on the pencil/edit icon next to payment method.

Once you have added your first payment method, it will be added as the default method to collect future subscription payments. You may be directed to your bank or card providers website to confirm it is you making the card setup, this will not charge you anything – it a fraud detection check called 3D Secure (3DS) that is ran on many websites.

With 0ne or more payment methods against your company profile, you can proceed to setting up your subscription. On this screen you can also remove a payment method, and change which payment method is your default. If your default payment method on file is expiring as your subscription is within 7 days of renewal, you will be sent an email reminder asking you to update your payment methods.

Step 2 – Starting Your Subscription #

To begin your Glass Factory® subscription, navigate to Settings then Payments, and click on the subscription package that you would like to begin. All packages are per site, with different user limits. Your current highlighted subscription method will be in green.

Once you have selected your subscription level, a popup to confirm your details will appear. Here you can select your subscription package, change the default payment method and the billing duration; monthly or annually. There is a discount of 12 months for the price of 10 with annual billing. One you have chosen your preferences, click the confirm button to setup! The page will then be refreshed and Your subscription duration renewed. Any current outstanding days will be accumulated, not replaced.

Step 3 – Managing Your Billing #

Once your subscription is setup, everything is taken care of automatically. Your invoices will appear under Settings > Payments and available for download by clicking the document icon on the right hand side. If you wish to change your subscription level for more users or change billing your frequency, contact support at


We hope you found this Help Guide simple and easy to follow !


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