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Our Story

Our aim is to support traditional supply chains with their Industry 4.0 journey and to break down the perception that Digital solutions are high cost high effort to implement.

We created the Glass Factory® as the next gen ERP for Manufacturers after experiencing reoccurring requirements, complaints and pain points from companies from all corners of the Industrial sector.

Whether first time adoption from paper based records or building on use of an existing legacy system, we took all use cases and created something extremely easy to use, highly configurable and feature packed to enable factories of the future to thrive!

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The Team

Our dedicated team combines diverse expertise and passion to deliver innovative solutions.

Luke Passmore

As the system architect of the Glass Factory®, Luke has taken experiences from delivering technology solutions for manufacturing, logistics and engineering sectors as well as a keen enthusiasm for DevOps, serverless architecture and software scalability to create a versatile, progressive and comprehensive ERP for industry.

The Early Adopters

We are proud to support manufacturers in their journey towards Industry 4.0. Working alongside our Glass Factory® early adopters, we have created functionality from the use cases of real British manufacturing companies and the pain points that their business operations faced. This means we have a true claim that we have developed a solution that is for industry, designed by industry. And so our journey continues…


The metal casting and machining company required an efficient way to log defect tracking of their machining jobs, log their task types via a time-logging solution, and feed real-time machine data into a dashboard to analyse.
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Frederick Cooper

The paint and powder coating specialist required a system to push real-time customer updates, allow supervisors to distribute work, keep track of their partial split jobs and effectively manage stock. and paint mixes

Professional Polishing Services

The metal polish and finishing specialist required an intuitive work in progress board filtered by machines and workstations, tracking of job cycle times and an integration into their finance system Xero.

Want to find out more?

The first step is to book a demo where we go into more depth about the Glass Factory ® App’s unique features and usability. Once you are happy and ready to go, we set you up and your transparency journey begins… From Traditional Supply Chains to Digital Supply Chains of the Future!