Next gen ERP features

Glass Factory® is the next gen ERP designed specifically for the Industrial sector. Best practice ERP functionality is combined with unique and innovative features to drive transparency, efficiency and sustainability. Explore the features list below and book your GF demo or Gap Analysis session with us today

Paperless shop floor

The Glass Factory® application can be implemented as a stand alone system, or integrated to an existing ERP / MES system via API to pull order information and push updates.

Shop floor data can be input via a mobile device by operators or automatically updated from machines via API to provide real time transparency of Work In Progress and shop floor performance.

Achieving Net Zero

Heading towards net zero

With the UK goal of net zero by 2050, industry has a call to action to drive sustainability. The Glass Factory® provides a digital data thread for tracking your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Real-time carbon data collection and calculation will enable action towards improving your Carbon Footprint. This is one of many innovative features within the Glass Factory® 

Innovative features

Here are just a few of the innovative next gen features that the Glass Factory® solution has to offer. For a demo tailored to your business needs, get in touch today



With a focus on UK net zero 2050, Glass Factory® supports high energy industry such as Aerospace, starting with carbon data capture


Glass Factory® real-time order tracking drives efficiency and transparency within complex supply chains such as the Automotive industry


From Metals and Plastics, to Textiles and Foods - Glass Factory® enables digitisation advances towards the paperless shop floor

Many More

We are here to provide transparency of order status tracking for the Industrial sector - for more industries we are supporting search here

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