Environmental impact is at the forefront of Glass Factory® principles. We have designed the platform to report upon Carbon impact throughout the manufacturing process, from design and production to delivery stage. We continue to endure in enhancing the reporting metrics, as well as hints and tips for our customers to improve energy efficiency, material consumption and waste. But what do we as a systems provider do ourselves to help achieve Net Zero?

We wanted to do better than carbon neutral as a company, so we created a scalable model that ensures as we grow our client base, so does our positive impact upon the environment. We have teamed up with Ecologi, a climate positive platform that facilitate projects around carbon offsetting including forestation, carbon capture and forest protection. For each client that joins us, small or large – we increase our monthly spend with the platform – ensuring that we make a positive impact for the duration of every Glass Factory® clients journey.

It’s not just the business account where we have considered our impact. All staff members of the Glass Factory® have offset their personal carbon footprint with Ecologi, ensuring that personal impact and business impact are covered. We also all work from home reducing travel overhead, and run almost all client sessions remotely. Our infrastructure is cloud based via Amazon Web Services, inherently greener than self-hosted on premise alternatives due to consolidating energy needs from multiple companies.

We choose green service providers to partner with the Glass Factory® platform, recently we teamed up with CocoonFMS® ~ CocoonCarbon Product to prove accurate Co2 data through their logistics and delivery calculation tool, a feature we are releasing in beta form shortly. We will continue to work with companies just like them to improve the platform and the ways that our clients can act upon their carbon footprint as we grow.

2023 promises more green innovation and exciting sustainability news. We are developing easier ways to offset carbon from within the Glass Factory® platform, partnering with machine monitoring solutions to capture accurate consumption data as well as becoming a carbon negative certified organisation. We look forward to continuing our sustainability journey with people just like you!