Feature Updates

Glass Factory® at 2.0

The Glass Factory®, the next-gen ERP for manufacturers has reached version 2.0

A year in the making, the development of the system has taken learnings from the countless use cases that our clients have presented, ERP feature rich requests stretching from quotes to profit reporting, as well as innovative R&D that we have injected – CO2e tracking throughout the shop floor data collection process being just one.

A few highlighted features and functionality from Glass Factory® version 2.0:

  • Time, Attendance and Payroll – from the clock in desk at a tablet device, through to the margins report of hours and overtime worked, we have got your employee finances covered!
  • Notification alerts to communicate information between not only the system admins and clients, but providing the ability for managers to communicate updates and events to their workforce.
  • Task time-logging; from capturing employee break times to setup and maintenance of a machine – you can be rest assured no time is uncaptured in the Glass Factory® Time-Logging module, including reporting on value-add, non value-add and incidental task types.
  • An enriched Help and Support area has been created to provide users with the various channels of assistance available to them, including support guides,  dedicated communication lines and a ticketing system.
  • Stock replenishment – handling off the shelf, made to order and order-in stock levels, the Glass Factory® Stock module can keep your inventory levels up to date.
  • Supervisor-level functionality has been developed to provide a helicopter view of shop floor operations and allow assignment of work order tasks to operators, quickly and easily.
  • Lights out manufacturing has inspired our work in progress Kanban-style board where users are provided with a snapshot view of day to day operations and can assign and schedule work to people, machines and dates.
  • Xero and QuickBooks are now seamlessly integrated with our Quote and Invoicing modules to synchronise financial data with company operations. Seamlessly reconcile quotes and invoices from one platform to another automatically.

All of these and many more features have been developed to continue providing the best ERP experience to manufacturers. Look out for more updates very soon. If you would like to book a demo or conduct a free trial of the Glass Factory® get in touch via info@glass-factory.co.uk


Kind regards,

Glass Factory® Team