Feature Updates

System Features: Order Tracking

The Glass Factory® centres around tracking an orders’ progression throughout the various stages of its manufacturing process. Progression notifications keep customers and suppliers updated on the status of their order with exact quantities, scrap and non-conformance data, as well as supporting media including photographs and approval signatures.

Web tracking dashboard

For customers, managers and supervisors alike – the web dashboard shows an overview of the most recent 24 hours. Orders are categorised by on time pending orders and incident orders where an issue has occurred. Within this orders are segregated by their current progression status, if they are in planning, production and despatch, as well as showing recently completed.

Mobile tracking dashboard

A portable, mobile version of the overview dashboard is also available for tracking on the move, again by status through pie chart segments, with the ability to toggle and click segments to filter down to specific order progression areas.

Granular order tracking

For a more granular level of data, users can select a specific order and see more detailed information, including partial progressions through the manufacturing process – showing how many have passed through or are active at any one stage.

Email order updates

For both suppliers and customers email updates keep users in the loop. Partial order progression, completed status and incidents are all triggers that send out order updates to keep all parties in the process up to date.