Feature Updates

System Features: Job Margins

The Glass Factory® reports accurate financial margins against every job and calculates profitability from labor costs, machine and equipment usage and consumed stock. Month by month profitability reporting shows a helicopter view of all operations whilst individual job level shows granular data on spend vs invoiced figures.

Book parts to a job

Parts consumed within a job process can be booked out from rack, shelf and bin location to a job number, accumulating part costings against a jobs spend.

Machine and equipment timings

The Glass Factory® integrates directly with equipment and machine data as well as allowing users to manually input machine figures against a job. Equipment can be configured with an hourly operating rate to accurately measure spends.

Operator hours

Calculate total hours against a job from operators, across all job stages. The system settings allow configuration of individual hourly rates of operators and let reporting take into account one operator splitting their time between multiple jobs for an accurate representation of costs.

Averages report

All costing figures in the Glass Factory® can be viewed in the overall margin averages report, showing all spends against all jobs across a specific timeframe, as well as profitability of individual jobs shown in a list with invoiced figures vs. total spend.